Reading Grandma!

Many happy hours playing Zoo Mania with my grandchildren — over many years. First grandchild I played this card game with is now 21….. We started playing when he was 4 or 5 — and continued playing with my other grandchildren since then. Great gift which I have given to friends when their grandchildren reached 4 or 5….. Easy concept for young ones — matching animal, color, or number — which doesn’t really require any reading….. “Rules” aren’t always followed — but fun activity to enjoy with children.

ZooManiacs from Colorado!

Elephant, Giraffe, Alligator, Rhino…oh my! We love ZooMania!

A Fan.

Single parent. Movie night with son – $25 for 2 hours. ZooMania – $10 for hours and hours of non stop laughter. A++++.